Should Homework Be Banned?

Should Homework Be Banned?

This question has bothered students, teachers, and parents. For us to be able to answer this question accurately, all sides must be weighed correctly.

According to statistics, tutors give more homework than an average student can take care of in one day. In this article, you will learn five reasons why homework should be banned and why homework shouldn’t be banned.

Reasons why homework should be banned

The reasons given here do not mean the concept of homework must be abandoned entirely.

  • Down Time at Home

After sitting for close to 8 hours in class, an additional 2 hours could feel like a punishment. Students require time for other passions in life, such as a hobby or even helping parents out. Teachers should not make their students spend all their free time on homework.

  • Negative Effect on Tests

It appears as though complex and challenging homework could become a distraction like mobile gadgets. Students need to concentrate on passing their examinations and test instead of complicated homework.

  • Threats to kid’s Nerves

The aftereffects of excess after-class tasks on children’s brain and mental health is a concern. Teachers have to consider these factors for the sake of the kids’ mental health.

  • Extra Challenges

If a student has other responsibilities, they find it hard to meet schedules. They are burned out without any energy to complete their homework.

  • Lack of Support

Recently, students find it challenging to get support for their homework. They have to turn to professional online services, especially when teachers do not explain all that students need to complete their tasks. Since parents and friends might not be able to help, homework should be banned.

Reasons why homework should not be banned

This article is for you to evaluate this matter accurately objectively. The reasons homework shouldn’t be prohibited are;

  • Helps Reduce Screen Time

It’s popularly said that students spend close to 8 hours in front of the screen per day. With homework, students can be more focused on productive activities. Students can create better study habits with homework.

  • Increases Time Management

Every professional in their various fields requires time management. With homework, students will be able to manage their time adequately.

  • Improved Critical Thinking

For a student to improve critical thinking skills, homework is one of the best means of doing that.

  • Improved Sense of Independence

Homework gives students the chance to work independently in exploring their weaknesses and strength. They can learn better about themselves and make better choices.

  • Developing multitasking skills

Students faced with a large amount of homework train themselves to multitask, especially when an assignment has lots of research, writing, and analysis.


The question remains should homework be banned, having read through this article and understood all the pros and cons of homework. Everyone has an option. It is best to weigh the matter carefully. Most students have accepted their fate and enjoy the responsibility that comes with tasks.

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