Teaching for me is more than just a profession, as it makes me who I am. This why this blog is all about teaching and schooling. I want to share my experience with you, advise you different methods and styles of teaching, so I hope as a teacher you’ll find it useful. I also try to create guides for students who want to prepare for their tests and improve knowledge of certain subjects. This profession is one of the most respectful and inspiring for me, for a few reasons.

Reasons I Love to Be a Teacher

  • Working with the future of this country.

Many people are complaining about politics, saying that this country is deeply divided and can’t be mended. Complaining is never an option, but working with kids, with the future generation gives me hope. They are the ones who will change the matters, so it’s important to raise them right.

  • Improving the system.
    School system is far from being perfect as it doesn’t leave place for free thinking and self-improvement. It doesn’t reflect student body fully, just the majority of people. I think devoting yourself to change this is the most important thing.
  • Constant self-development and improvement.
    Being a teacher, you can’t just be stuck on your level of knowledge. You have to become a good psychologist to understand kids, you have to master your knowledge constantly, trying to interest your audience in your subject.

Hope you can find everything you need in this blog. It doesn’t matter if you’re a teacher, a parent or a student, I try to find and create interesting content for everyone. You can prepare your classes, help your kid do better in school or pass your exams successfully with the help of this blog.