Is Homework Harmful or Helpful

Is Homework Harmful or Helpful?

Homework is a word that creates fear in the hearts of many students. Debating on whether geometry homework is harmful or helpful will always end up as a personal perspective.

The advantages and disadvantages of homework rely mostly on time needed to complete homework, and whether parents are permitted to help with students’ homework.

Teachers assign geometry homework as a necessary approach in helping students continue the learning process at home. On the other hand, students believe it is an unnecessary workload, as it squeezes out the time meant for other things.

Here are three ways homework can be helpful and harmful.

How Can Homework be Helpful?

  1. Consistent practice makes perfect
  2. It is common knowledge that not all students learn at the same speed and capacity. This point is where homework comes in. It allows the students to re-practice topics learned at school. Consistent practice aids students in understanding and mastering any difficult subject taught at school.

  3. Time management
  4. Homework helps students manage their time as they plan out study time. Consistently finishing homework before the deadline gradually becomes a habit. This attitude is useful when they proceed academically and later on in the workforce.

  5. Teachers can monitor students’ development
  6. Homework is an effective method for tracking students’ development. Teachers will be able to spot the academic deficiency of a student and when such student is improving. Completing geometry homework also shows seriousness and diligence as students are aware of the consequences of not doing their homework.

How Can Homework be Harmful?

  1. Homework gets students burnt out
  2. The stress that students go through at school is enough for a whole day. Sitting down with homework at home instead of resting can completely drain students out. At times, homework is even given during breaks and holidays. The effect on students may lead to health issues, such as insufficient sleep time.

  3. Homework reduces the time for social and extracurricular activities
  4. Assigning homework may leave students with little or no time for social events. It may deprive students of the time to socialize with their peers. It can result in communication difficulties in the later stages of their life. Homework may also deprive students of developing skills that may be acquired from participating in extracurricular activities.

  5. Homework may be counterproductive
  6. Teachers’ purpose of assigning homework is to reinforce topics taught in school. But this plan may become counterproductive as students want to get their homework done through any means rather than to be creative with it. Overwhelming homework may also cause students to perform negatively due to stress.


One can conclude from the above that homework has both be helpful and harmful. However, the unavoidable truth is that both students and teachers can not ditch homework. Assigning homework to students is to ensure continuity of the learning process at home. Parents should look for some good geometry helpers to make homework more helpful and understandable to students rather than causing them harm.

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