Does Homework Cause Depression?

There is no doubt that homework is beneficial to students in their learning process. It adds value in the area of organization, time management, and thinking out of the box. When students get serious with their homework, their overall performance will improve, resulting in good grades.

But, can homework causes depression for students? How much homework is okay? Many homework gets too overwhelming that they leave a negative impact on students. There are three ways that homework can cause students to fall into depression

How Does Homework Cause Depression?

  • Depression caused by Homework deadline
  • A lot of students might have problems with finishing difficult homework before the deadline. They begin to rush things, afraid of not meeting up with the submission date. These actions can cause depression as students start to think of the possible outcomes of not getting their homework done in time.

  • Depression caused by performance expectations
  • Performance expectations placed on students can cause them to be depressed. Some students find it hard to understand the teacher’s explanations due to insufficient time and a bulky timetable. Homework represents their only means of proving their abilities. This pressure results in many students getting themselves worked up to meet up with performance expectations from parents and teachers.

  • Depression caused by peer pressure
  • When students realize that they are not doing as well as their peers, it might cause worry for them. Performing poorly in homework can be a sign that things are getting terrible. Worrying about the performance may have a mental effect on such students, resulting in students getting depressed and losing focus in class.

    How to Deal with Depression Caused by Homework?

  • Teachers make an example of how to solve difficult questions
  • This method is an excellent way of helping students affected by tricky homework. Teachers should make sure the students are shown how to attempt difficult questions. This goal can be achieved by asking the students to solve a few of the problems in the classroom.

  • Be lenient with homework deadline
  • Although it is good to train students on time management, instructors should be lenient with the deadline. This leniency ensures that students do not get too worried about the repercussions of not submitting in due time.

  • Positive Parent-children relationship
  • Parents should educate their children on the importance of defeating challenges. Reassure your children that it is okay to take a rest when facing difficulties in their homework. Let them know that sleep helps them to be vibrant and alert during school hours.


    No one can doubt the usefulness of homework in the educational development of the students. But, we can not also ignore the fact that excessive homework causes mental and physical stress on the students.

    However, the right solution will be to seek a balance in which students can stay healthy, learn, and develop all-around skills. Sometimes, the only way can be to buy assignment online to free up more time for important duties. With this solution, students can enjoy all the benefits of homework without partaking of its disadvantages.

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